Dining Table

The legs are held on with carriage bolts, which can be easily removed, along with the aprons which are held on with just a few screws. The dimensions make it great for transportation, fitting flat inside my Volvo 240 Wagon.

Reclaimed Fir + Steel
72in x 35in x 31¾in


Writing Desk

This desk was made for my mother who loves to write. I took some design inspiration from shaker furniture, which is often simple and delicate.

Cherry + Mahogany
32in x 18in x 31in

Coffee Table

Made from Maple, this was my first piece combining wood and metal. The legs are attached with steel pins. There are also steel runners connecting the legs on the long side. The shelf is made of bars threaded onto two steel rods to maintain spacing.

Maple + Steel
42in x 23in x 21in