Welcome, are you interested in a handmade swimsuit? All the ordering info can be found here. If you would like to read a little more about how I started making suits see Info. You can also see pictures of some of the ladies who’ve acquired my suits over on the Lookbook page.


Each piece is made to order so production can take up to two weeks.

To order, copy and paste the following form and email (lilybyrnestudio@gmail.com) or message it to me via Instagram (@lilyajsmith). The only way I can accept payment at this time is through Venmo or PayPal, Venmo is preferred.

Top Size:
Band Width:
Bottom Size:
Bottom Style:
Shipping Address:
Venmo/Paypal Username:
Extra Notes:


The colors available this season are:

+Sunwashed Blue
+Fawn (much lighter than last years brown)
+Dusty Rose
+Roasted Beet (light runs slightly small)
+Roasted Beet (dark)
+Black (Runs slightly small)

The fabric used for my suits is tricky to find so I have a few sources. Because of this the weaves are just a tiny bit different resulting in a few of the colors being a little less stretchy and running small.




Sizing for tops is XS S M L XL, the band is custom to you!

As for the band, I custom cut it to your specific measurements as everyone is different. To measure find a flexible sewing tape and measure around your ribs under your bust, approximately where you think the clasp would go.

I did make a pattern for XXL tops, however, they didn’t seem to be a very good fit, so I’m working on a new one! In the meantime the largest size is an XL. If anyone who normally wears an XL or larger top has a swimsuit they love, I would be thrilled to see a picture of it. This will help me design a better one.

In my suits I wear a Large for a full coverage/sportier look and a Medium for a more classic look. My typical bra size is a 34 C/D depending.



There is no good way to measure bottoms as people are of all different shapes. With that in mind, the sizes below are based on waist measurement in inches, right around your bellybutton.

XS 24-26
S 26-28
M 28-30
L 30-33
XL 33-36
XXL 36-40

My suits are cut at quite an angle to accommodate a generous booty to waist ratio. If you are a straighter shape let me know and I will leave off the elastic at the waist, this seems to work for folks. In that case go for whatever size you think would fit your booty.

There are two different styles for bottoms, Grandma (cut lower on the hip/more coverage in the back) and Hot Mom (Cut a bit higher on the hip with a little more exposure). Over the past year I found that people with narrower hips or a slimmer booty (this is about shape not size) fit the Hot Mom style better as sometimes there can be too much fabric to fill out leaving the back a little loose. For other folks the Grandma style may be the answer to having your entire booty exposed in standard swimwear.

I wear a Medium in the Grandma style; my waist is 29in, hips 41in. My hip dimensions are the maximum size for the Medium.

If you have any questions about sizing don’t hesitate to email me! lilybyrnestudio@gmail.com,

Pricing + Shipping

Suits are $112

Its been a delight do have folks reordering, if that will be you this season here is a thank you!

Second Suit 10% Off
Third Suit 15% Off
Fourth Suit (for the wild ones) 20% Off

Shipping within the US included for anyone who contacted me after June 11th!

If you are international here are standard prices for the places I’ve shipped to so far. If you’re not on here, just let me know and I will check the postage at the post office next time I’m in.

Canada $10
Ireland/UK/Finland $12

Returns + Exchange

If you wish to exchange for a different size that’s no problem, just let me know within one week of arrival. Last season I ran out of out of all the colors so be prompt to be sure you don’t end up with a mix matched set (unless, of course, that’s what you want).

If your suit doesn’t fit I am happy to take returns, as long as it is within one week of arrival. If I don’t hear from you within that time I will assume that you’re off enjoying the water somewhere. If you do return the suit, I will fully refund the product cost, I ask you to cover shipping which is around $5.

Materials + Care

The suit is made out of a much thicker than normal swimsuit material, almost like a thin neoprene with a soft inside. It feels great on and the divinely soft inside helps keep the suit in-place when you’re diving into all those beautiful lakes, rivers, and coves.

The fabric has been pre-washed, however, it could still bleed, so hand wash in cold water, scrunch instead of wring, and line dry. If there’s a little bit of dust on your suit when it arrives it’s just chalk from me marking things out. When possible I wash them in advance but often my markings help me figure out whose suit is whose as they are all slightly different.