As my final project at college I decided to explore joinery further with spline joints on all the drawers and the carcass. The drawer slides are reclaimed mahogany along with the splines. The back is sheet steel set in and fastened.

Reclaimed Fir, Reclaimed Mahogany + Steel
72in x 18½in x 28in


Bar Cabinet

Put together entirely with fasteners, this cabinet allowed me to push myself in making a solid wood piece of furniture without a drop of glue.  In addition I learned to mill aluminum.

Reclaimed Fir, Steel + Aluminum
33¾in x 17½in x 28in

Twelve Drawer Chest

Taking inspiration from one of my father’s pieces, I made this chest of drawers to hold sewing supplies. Using natural wood as the pulls is not an element I usually employ, but once in a while a touch of bark can be just right.

Cherry, Alder + Brass Finishings
26in x 9in x 15in