Lily Byrne Swim is handmade by me, Lily Smith. The Byrne comes from my Irish grandmother who was easily the most elegant person in the family. I think I needed a little of her spirit for this project.

Finding a swimsuit is never easy, but over the years I managed to find vintage suits and a few from my moms closet with the most wild 1980's prints. However, by the time summer 2017 rolled around, all my suits had fallen apart. I spent months looking for a new one. Alas, no luck; everything was ill fitting and made from cheap feeling fabrics. Luckily, I have a cool mom who shipped a box of fabric over to Ireland, where I was living at the time and with that, I made my first swimsuit- the blue one pictured here. It was great for casual swimming, however, when I starting swimming laps multiple times a week, I needed something with more structure. After lots of trial and error I found this wonderful material called Scuba Suede and created a pattern. This cut seems to flatter lots of different body shapes and the thicker fabric holds up really well in the water- no more flimsy bathing suits please!

I currently live in my very little house (so little I don’t have room for a table) as a result my studio is outside. This also means that if there is a big rainstorm, production may be halted for a few days.

Pictured here: My lovely Necchi sewing machine that everything is made on; The very first suit I made in the summer of 2017 photographed in Kilkee, Ireland; The first batch of suits ready to go out, spring 2018.

I am so grateful for all those women who supported me with that first season.

Take yourself on over to the Lookbook to see folks out and about in their suits and click over to the Ordering Guide if your interested in getting one for yourself!